19 of march, 2006
New website is launched to show the free public resolving name servers. Do not wait to have a permanent solution in place and loose productivity and profits. Use the free public resolving name servers today to get your office operating quickly.
New website is launched to provide the free public name services to the world.


15 of februrary, 2006
Tigee LLC management decides to make a public service where users can purchase resolving name services.


4 of january, 2006
Tiggee LLC invests in new enterprise systems to offer a new resolving name service to answer the needs of many of it's DNS Made Easy clients that need a quality and secure resolving name service.


Why is a quality resolving name server important?
Many companies overlook the basic needs of a reliable and secure resolving name server. Having an insecure or unrealible name server infrustructure can lead to:

  • Poor productivity - When you resolving name server is down your whole organization. No one can send emails, download files or view web pages.
  • DNS Cache Poisoning - Many organizations use insecure resolving name servers that can lead to you visitnig a page that you "think" is correct. When in fact you are going to a website that is a phishing scam just to get your account information.
  • Poor performance - Running your site or server on resolving name servers with slow performance can lead to page timeouts and worst yet, loss revenue.

Most companies agree that a quality name server infrustructure is a requirement. But most companies do not invest in this basic service of the Internet. Let Resolving Name Server show you how you can get the quality service your organization requires.

Increasing the uptime of our resolving name services increased our offices productivity dramatically. And in the world of finance, this adds up to big money fast!

Warren Kramer
Configuring your local server or workstation with quality resolving name servers is easy to do.

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